Pre-Cut Banner Symbol Kits


Cost: $12.00 each

Each kit has one pre-cut iron-on or glue-on symbol. All symbols are iron-on except the Grapes. The embellishments shown on the kit front are included in the kit but more may be added to suit your needs. The symbols may be used by themselves or with other symbols. Fabrics, trims, and colors may vary from photo on the front of the kit. The contents of the kit can easily be seen from the back of the package.

Kit contents:
1 Iron-On Symbol, Embellishments when shown, Pattern for Letters & Numbers, Instructions, and Illustrations



Materials needed to complete a banner:
Felt cut the size needed plus 2" at the top
Felt for Letters & Numbers
Dowel or Cafe Rod
Cord for Hanger
Glue - jewel glue & hot glue


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